Generic Function Widget-Public-Dependencies (4 methods)

( widget-public-dependencies < obj > )

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package weblocks
Whenever a widget is rendered by weblocks in a non-AJAX request,
this function is called to determine which stylesheets and javascript
files the widget depends on. These dependencies are then included into
the header of the containing page.

The function must return a list of dependencies. Each member of the
list must be the virtual path to the file (see convinience functions
'public-file-relative-path' and 'public-files-relative-paths'). The
extension (currently only “.css” and “.js”) will be used by
weblocks to determine how to include the dependency into the page

The default implementation uses the following protocol to determine if
a widget has dependencies. It looks under
*public-files-path*/scripts/[attributized-widget-class-name].js and
*public-files-path*/stylesheets/[attributized-widget-class-name].css. If
it finds the aforementioned files, it returns them as
dependencies. This way the developer can simply place relevant files
in the appropriate location and not worry about specializing this
function most of the time.

'widget-public-dependencies' also returns widgets for the superclasses
of 'obj', because it's intuitive to assume that a widget will use the
stylesheets of its superclasses.

Method Summary

widget-public-dependencies < datagrid
widget-public-dependencies < gridedit
widget-public-dependencies < symbol > 
widget-public-dependencies < t >