This page contains basic and probably outdated information about Weblocks. For more details please visit the new web page.

You can also check out our demo application to get a first impression.

Screenshot of Weblocks.

What is Weblocks?

Weblocks is a continuations-based web framework written in Common Lisp.

Why another web framework?

Weblocks uses powerful Lisp features like multiple dispatch, metaobject protocol, lexical closures, keyword arguments, and macros to build abstractions that make web development easy, intuitive, and free of boilerplate. In addition, control flow is easily expressed using continuations provided by cl-cont library. Things that are hard or mundane in other frameworks become easy and fun in Weblocks. Take a look at the user manual for more details.

What license is Weblocks released under?

Weblocks is released under LLGPL (LGPL with Franz's preamble that resolves some Lisp related ambiguities). In human terms, you can use Weblocks for anything you want (including proprietary software), but you must release changes made to Weblocks itself for the world to enjoy.

Is Weblocks platform independent?

Weblocks is fully supported on SBCL, CMUCL, Lispworks, AllegroCL, and OpenMCL on platforms where multithreading is available. It is periodically tested on Linux and OS X, and has been reported to run on Win32.

What is the current status of Weblocks?

Weblocks is currently very functional and has stood up to reasonably heavy load without any stability issues. However, it is a very young piece of software - it needs polish and API changes are not guaranteed to be backwards compatible. If you feel adventurous, do give Weblocks a try!

Where can I find documentation?

You can find the latest documentation (including a user manual and reference documentation) on the Trac page.

How do I get Weblocks?

Please visit Obtaining And Installing page.

How do I get started writing Weblocks applications?

Please visit Breaking The Ice section of the user manual.

How do I get support?

For support questions and bug reports please use Weblocks google group.

Who are the people behind Weblocks?

Weblocks was created by Slava Akhmechet. It was maintained by Stephen Compall and Leslie Polzer, current maintainers are Olexiy Zamkoviy and Scott L. Burson. Weblocks is developed by volunteers around the globe.

Special thanks to the kind folks at Franz Inc. for helping support Weblocks development.